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Lucky Dog University apprentice dog training program with Angie Neal, Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. This is a tuition based program and not part of an employment agreement. This program will guide the serious student through the aspects of positive dog training to include: Watch LDU video

  • Basic Canine Obedience - Puppy classes, Levels Obedience, etc. The apprentice will learn how to organize classes and guide rambunctious pups and their owners towards better obedience while having fun! The apprentice will assist with play-and-trains and private training (one on one) at Lucky Dog. Class assistance and participation is a requirement of the apprenticeship.
  • Behavioral problems - Apprentices will work with Angie rehabilitating rescue dogs (see rescue) and client's dogs with specific behavioral problems.
  • Hands on Experience - The apprentices will have the opportunity to work within the dog groups at Lucky Dog if desired, with the the guidance of our dog guardians and dog group evaluators.
  • Benefits of Employment - The apprentice will have priority for employment at Lucky Dog during and after their apprenticeship should they so desire (having met all other employment requirements).
  • Kennel Experience - The apprentice will be instructed in common veterinary problems of dogs, along with kennel hygiene and maintenance. Educational materials will be provided to the students as will lists of recommended reading.
  • Canine nutrition - Knowledge about the right foods for canines, and the link between diet and behavioral problems will be explored. Apprentice will be invited to all nutritional classes provided our staff by dog food representatives.
  • Guidance towards Professional Certifications - After your apprenticeship is over, Angie will guide you in the professional certification process with IAABC. These affiliations are becoming more important and it is predicted that certain certifications will be necessary for all future dog trainers (see our affiliations and recommendations below).

For the novice, this apprenticeship course is a long term commitment, but length of time taken to complete the program depends upon the dedication of the student. To insure that this is the right career choice for our apprentices, the course is offered in increments of 6 months, and can be completed while holding down a full time job. You must be able to attend the apprenticeship program at least 2 nights a week.

Our professional affiliations and recommendations:

IAABC - International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

APDT - Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Karen Pryor - Karen Pryor Academy

Jean Donaldson - The Academy for Dog Trainers

For more information on the apprenticeship program, please contact Angie Neal at 719 635 0734 or [email protected]